Planning and pre-production

Engaging films are built on brilliant concepts, assembling expert crews, sourcing cutting-edge kit and meticulously planning shoots. We are masters at all of the above, and involve you in every aspect of pre-production so you’re confident we’re going to produce films that help you to achieve all your video marketing objectives.



We offer highly scalable shoot solutions – we cater for everything from large-scale multi-platform campaigns to one-off promos. But no matter the size of the project, we always apply the same herculean work ethic and unbridled enthusiasm to create something truly epic for you.

The Dancer  Credit: Henry Carter

The Dancer

Credit: Henry Carter



We have a team of award-winning editors, designers, animators, sound designers and composers standing by to turn what we’ve shot for you from a series of jaw-dropping images into powerful films that brilliantly communicate your message.